Training camp — Kazan — Summer 2020


420055, Kazan, p. Mirny, st. Novo-Davlikeevskaya, 2A, Building 1, Dynamo Sports Base

Дата и время

19.07.2020 - 08.08.2020

As it was in the summer of 2019

About the venue

The Dynamo Sports Center is located 14 km from the center of Kazan, between the villages of Mirny and Petrovsky, in an ecologically clean natural area, in a well-maintained protected area.

Remoteness from the bustle of the city and the beautiful nature will give you pleasant moments of rest, help you relax and recover from work, bring pleasure and tranquility. Fresh air, magnificent landscapes, walks in the woods … Here dizzy from the intoxicating sense of freedom and unity with nature.

Targets and goals:

  • Promotion of the popularization and development of rhythmic gymnastics at a highly professional level;
  • Exchange of experience, improving the level of sportsmanship and fitness of gymnasts;
  • Development of general and specialized training;
  • Training, formation and improvement of skills in working with rhythmic gymnastics;
  • Disclosure of the creative potential of the individual, non-standard way of thinking, musicality, plastics and artistry by means of classical and modern choreography;
  • Training in various styles of dance art.

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