International Gymnastics Tournament “Victory & Rhythmica gold cup” — Malta


Malta, Sir L.Prezios, Pembroke

Дата и время

25.09.2019 - 27.09.2019

About the venue

The first school in Malta dedicated to sports excellence, was founded in September 2012. Recognized by the National Center of Excellence, fully supported by the Maltese government, the National Sports School is a leader, providing opportunities for young people in Malta to develop their sporting talents. part of their school education.

The National Sports School is the only specialized National Sports Center in Malta.

Day of arrival, testing teams.

Competitions in the individual program and group exercises (parade of rewarding in group exercises).

Competitions in the individual program (parade award).

About the hotel

The hotel is called St. Azure hotel in Gzira Malta, located a stone’s throw away from the most beautiful promenade, the hotel has two, three and four bedroom comfortable rooms.

The cost of the accommodation per person per day is 40€ , Breakfast is also included. You only need to specify what rooms you want and how many days you want to book the hotel for.

The only condition is to make a Deposit to the hotel account no later than August 20th.

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