Training camps – Kazan


420055, Rep. Tatarstan, Kazan, st. Novo-Davlikeevskaya, 2A, building 1, the sports base «Dynamo»

Date & Time

23.03.2019 - 30.03.2019

Targets and goals:

  • Promotion of the popularization and development of rhythmic gymnastics at a highly professional level;
  • Exchange of experience, improving the level of sportsmanship and fitness of gymnasts;
  • Development of general and specialized training;
  • Training, formation and improvement of skills in working with rhythmic gymnastics;
  • Unleashing the creative potential of the individual, non-standard way of thinking, musicality, plastics and artistry within the means classical and modern choreography;
  • Training in various styles of dance art.

Day of arrival.

Совещание для тренеров, представителей (тренировочный зал).

Training camps.

Gala concert (after 2 workouts).

Departure of the teams (after training).

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