Where does the victory begin?

For athletes – with daily workouts, hard work, kind and sensitive mentor. And for us, the Victory Cup team – the organizers of hundreds of tournaments around the world, the victory begins with the streamlined work of the whole team!

Victory Cup tournaments started in 2016 and during this time have literally won the whole world! Malta, Italy, CIS, Russia – a small list of countries, young gymnasts, who revealed their talents thanks, among other things, to our competitions!

But Victory is above all a struggle with oneself, and sometimes with one’s own diseases! Athletes from around the world annually participate in our charity workshops and competitions, all the money from which we donate to the Charity Foundation. Angela Vavilova.

The Victory Cup team, as before, will create and develop, so that everyone has the opportunity to become a winner! Because Victory is much more than cups and medals! Victory is the spirit, strength and desire to become better no matter what!

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Upcoming events

Charity master class in rhythmic gymnastics of the honored trainer of the Russian Federation A.V. Dyachenko (Shumilova)

420138, Republic of Tatarstan, Kazan, 6 Syrtlanova street, Federal gymnastics center

III open tournament in rhythmic gymnastics “Victory Cup” – Kazan

420138, Rep. Tatarstan, Kazan, st. Syrtlanova St. 6, Federal Sports Center for Gymnastics

2nd international rhythmic gymnastics tournament “Victory and Aquatic Palace Cup” – Baku

Azerbaijan, Baku, Prospect Neftyannikov 26 A

Charity Rhythmic Gymnastics Tournament for Children with Cancer «Мы вместе»

Kazan, Syrtlanova Street, 6. Federal Sports Center "Gymnastics Center"

Training camps – Kazan – Winter

420055, Kazan, p. Mirny, st. Novo-Davlikeevskaya, 2A, building 1, sports base "Dynamo"

Open tournament in rhythmic gymnastics «Victory and Emerald Cup» – Nizhny Novgorod

607000, Nizhny Novgorod Region, Gorodetsky District, recreation Center «Izumrudnoe».

International tournament on artistic gymnastics «Victory and Legia Cup» Warsaw (Poland)

GOSiR - City Sports and Recreation Center Stare Babice ul. South 2B, Zielonsky Parsela; 05-082 Stare Babice

«Victory Cup» – St. Petersburg – Open tournament in rhythmic gymnastics

St. Petersburg, st. Engineering, 13. Sports Complex "СКА"

Training camp – Kazan – Spring 2020

420055, Kazan, Mirny village, Novo-Davlikeevskaya street, 2A, building 1, Dynamo sports base

«Victory Cup» – Sochi – rhythmic gymnastics

354340, Sochi, Adlersky District, st. Energetikov, 7B. «Vitamin» Sports Complex

Victory & A.S.D.Circeo Cup – Italy – Rhythmic Gymnastics

Palabianchini, Via dei Mille, 18, 04100 Latina (Italy)